MAYA Mall - Lifestyle Shopping Centre 

Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center is a world-class shopping mall and lifestyle center in the Nimmanhaemin district of Chiang Mai where Vanilla Residence & Hotel is located.  The futuristic look and commanding size, make a shopping, eating, and entertainment venue like none other in Chiang Mai.  Maya Shopping center is comparable to what you can find in cities like Bangkok and Sinagapore, with six floors of fashion, tech-gadgets, health and beauty, banking, restaurants, and entertainment. 

The shopping here is great for visitors and locals alike, as it offers and interesting mix of Thai and international brands.  There is definitely something to find, no matter your personal style.  For those looking for bargains, the popular 71 Export outlet is located on the 2nd floor, as well as boutique stall on the ground floor.


Nimman Road Chiang Mai


Nimmanhemin or Nimmanheminda road and its adjacent sois are an exciting part of Chiang Mai’s rapidly growing chic neighborhood.  The area itself is commonly referred to as "Nimnan" and is located nearby Vanilla Residence, here on the west side of the city in the Suthep district.  Like our Residence, Nimman road sits at the foot of the mountain, the natural jewel of Chiang Mai.  Nimman has seen a rapid rise to trendiness in recent years as its location near Chiang Mai University and it sought after sense of ease has provided a perfect spot to chill for students and well-heeled locals and Thais fleeing the insanity of city life in Bangkok.  

For expats, tourists and guests of Vanilla Residence, you will feel right at home exploring the leafy sois of Nimman road, as they are packed with coffee shops, tea houses, wine bars, sushi joints, live music venues and a plethora of shopping choices from arts and crafts to trendy clothing stores and boutiques.

We definitely recommend burning at least an evening of yours in Chiang Mai browsing the boutiques, chilling with some live music and local beers and discovering some amazing food.  Or grab one of our complimentary cruising bike and do an afternoon coffee-shop crawl, tasting the amazing sweets and treats the many café’s are famous for.  A little biking can help you burn off the sugar rush!

Doi Suthep Mountain

Gracefully guarding the valley below and a must see, on any visit to Chiang Mai, is the wondrous Doi Suthep (Mount Suthep) and the holy temple of Wat Phra which is located near the top. The temple is simply referred to as Doi Suthep by most people and the whole National Park and temple area is incredibly easy to access from Vanilla Residence and Hotel.

The famous religious site at the top of Doi Suthep was build as Buddhist monastery in 1383 and is still a working monastery today. Funds raised by donations and the lift fee go to support the monks living there and for maintenance of the various temple buildings. As a world famous attraction, the architecture, statues, murals and shrines seen here are nothing short of breathtaking.  

If you choose one of our guided bicycle tours or programs, earning your view from the top is nothing short of extraordinary, and the journey back down is and exhilarating way to finish the ride.


The Old City

The Old City of Chiang Mai is one of the top attractions for visitors and Thais alike.  It was build more than 700 years ago, and in its thriving days centuries ago, was a walled square surrounded by a moat.  It is truly an exotic ancient relic of Chiang Mai’s past, once a cultural center for Buddhism, where artisans, months, merchants and elephants congregated.  The first westerner to set his sights on this treasure, was Englishman Ralph Fitch in the 1500’s.

Today the Old City is much more developed, but thriving in its own way, while also offering tantalizing glimpses of its important past.  A large part of the original city walls are still intact, and you can even see the arrow slits where the could fire against invading armies.

Within the Old City there are many things for Vanilla Residence guest to see, and we recommend giving yourself some time to explore. The main attractions are a large number of Wats (temples) as Chiang Mai remains to this day an important center of Buddhism and these Wats have a long and significant history. 

The Old City really comes alive every Sunday when Ratchadomoen Road, running west from Thapae Gate, becomes a walking street complete with a craft market, local dancers and musicians. A Sunday must visit for residents and tourists, it really buzzes with energy and liveliness. 


Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

Chiang Mai Ram is a private hospital in Chiang Mai and was the first international quality hospital in northern Thailand.  The hospital is a member of the Ramkhamhaeng Group, Thailand’s largest and most respected hospital group, and is affiliated with a network of twenty hospitals throughout Thailand. Visitors and residents of Vanilla can expect significantly affordable international quality health care, while experiencing world renowned Thai hospitality. 

Chiang Mai Ram Hospital’s twelve floor, 350 bed facility is nestled in the center of beautiful Chiang Mai City. The offer innovative quality in highly specialized patient care that include: 

Allergy Center | Birth Center | Bone and Joints Center | Cardiac Balloon Center
Dental Center | Dermatology Center | Diabetes Center | Ear Throat Nose (ENT) Center | Gastro-Intestinal (GI) Center
Heart Check-up Center | Neurology Center | New-born Center | Obesity Center
Obstetric Gynecological (OBGYN) Center | Oncology Center | Ophthalmology Center | Pediatric Allergy Center
Pediatric Cardiology Center | Pediatrics Center | Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center | Psychiatry Center
Rehabilitation Center | Shoulder pain Center | Snoring Center | Stroke Center
Urology Center | Varicose Vein Center


Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium is a 200-acre zoo on Huay Kaew Road, and in close proximity to Vanilla Residence.  It is just west of Chiang Mai University and was the first commercial zoo in northern Thailand. To this day it remains a popular attraction.

We appreciate that the Chiang Mai Zoo is much better than most zoos in the region when it comes to animal welfare and the setting.  The Zoo is sprawled across the forested slopes of Doi Suthep, which provides a gorgeous canopy for the animals and visitors. Featuring animals from across the globe, including penguins in their own refrigerated ice-house, the zoo has several special exhibits requiring separate admission, including an impressive aquarium (adult/child 225/175B), the panda house (adult/child 100/50B) and the snow dome (150/100B), where locals come for their first taste of the cold stuff.

You also stand a good chance of seeing giant bugs crawling out of the surrounding jungle, which can be exciting some and spine tingling for others.

It is a nice spot to visit, depending on how much time you have in Chiang Mai. 


Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX)

Chiang Mai International Airport (airport code CNX) is Thailand’s third busiest after Bangkok and Phuket, serving nearly 3 million annual visitors and around 140 flights weekly. The vast majority of those flights link this northern hub to Bangkok, but there are direct flights which head to other Thai cities as well as to international destinations.

The airport itself is conveniently close to Vanilla Residence, in the southwest corner of the city, so you get a pleasant view of Doi Suthep as you arrive. It’s accessible from our hotel in around 10 minutes and if you contact us prior to arrival, we can setup affordable transfers for you. 

The domestic and international departures have snack bars and coffee shops; international has a smoking lounge but domestic doesn’t, and international also has some basic duty-free shopping. The main terminal lobby has numerous chain eateries, more coffee shops, souvenir stands, a post office, pharmacies and all the airline and tour offices.  Many of the famous Chiang Mai snacks and gifts can be bought here, for those who have a little extra space in their luggage.

Chiang Mai Airport is not particularly hectic, so a one-hour check-in time should give you plenty of time to catch your flight.


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